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San Diego Comic Con is back. BIGGER than ever… as the con has moved from geek-fandom to a centre stage entertainment tannoy - here are some highlights!


TV:  the final series of both Dexter and Breaking Bad will be playing out with a bang! While stalwarts Game of Thrones and Supernatural are at the top of their game and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be splashed just about EVERYWHERE.

FILM: Expect to see some RoboCop bashing (the pics leaked so far haven’t inspired much hope, but maybe, just maybe) and there’ll be more Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Marvel Studios will be spilling the beans on what is to come. Comic Con will be centre-stage for Warner Bros. to announce any new plans for DC projects too - Justice League, maybe?

Gravity will get people talking - with Cuarón in for the duration to talk about the space epic - and The World’s End team will be around with Simon Pegg, Nick frost and Edgar Wright all on hand.  With animation taking over the box office this summer - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs previews will be getting a licking.

But wait there’s more - with Ender’s Game and Riddick both landing later this year - the creative teams will be making lots of noise. The Ender’s Game political posters alone should be whetting your appetite.


Thor 2. It hits later this year - and Thor: The Dark World will be teasing fans all week. (And there should be some Doctor Strange announcements, Ant Man and some first looks at the new Captain America)

300: Rise of an Empire was previewed over the weekend - so expect some blood spilling and ass kicking.

There is no telling where The LEGO Movie will go. But expect it to be AMAZING.

Divergent and City of Bones. Both adaptations are landing in the very near future with both making waves.

One favourite comic series - Gervioux’s I, Frankenstein - has been getting some coverage - but not much as of yet - but expect there to be LOTS as the pic of Aaron Eckhart moves across the web.

With Pacific Rim making headlines - the Godzilla remake will no doubt be making waves and flashing green flames across Con all week too! Preview posters are appearing everywhere so there’ll be lost more to hear!

Tome Cruise is making headlines with the news that his new feature is coming to Comic Con - with a new name - Edge of Tomorrow - and lots of pics/footage to share.


Entertainment Weekly’s The Visionaries’ conversation between Edgar Wright, Alfonso Cuarón, and Marc Webb will make one incredible panel. Forget the gossip, hype and madness, these three directors talking for an hour is more exciting than almost any exclusive footage.

Fox haven’t announced their slate so expect BIG things to come.

Matt Smith is taking a lap of honour before winding up his time as Doctor Who.