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Irish Times reviews…

The Irish Times round up of the latest kids books are up - with Anna Carey, Mary Shine Thompson and Robert Dunbar all sharing their favoruite new titles - including -

David Mackintosh’s The Frank
Show that “delivers a positive message with subversive
wit and charm”. (AC)

RJ Palacio’s
Wonder with Auggie, “a brave little warrior, his voice can be too perky, too
fluorescently upbeat. Nor was I convinced by the book’s homey precept
that “the universe takes care of all its birds”. If only.” (MST)

Tim Wynne Jones’ Blink and Caution “brash and even sometimes reckless as their exteriors may be, their [Bink and Caution’s] inner
uncertainties and insecurities are never totally masked; the wounds of
their earlier childhoods are still raw. (RD)

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Batman and Robin

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