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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

There’s talk of a Sabrina The Teenage Witch coming this way from Sony pictures - with Deadline reporting that it will be an origin story ‘in the vein of Spider-Man’ - but and ‘edgier’ retelling than the TV
series. Script is already underway…

Time to relive the witch trials, Salem’s terrible puns and a whole lot more.

Celebrating Diana Wynne Jones

The home of Diana Wynne Jones, namely Bristol, are pulling together a weekend to celebrate one of the best voices in fantasy writing with Family and friends, her agent, publishers and writers coming together to describe what Diana meant to them.

Check out for more info

Brown Bag nabs Fight my Monster

In the sneaky, quiet way of things that ten year olds love… no wait, that’s no right. In the loud, fun and pretty awesome way of things that 10 years olds love - Fight My Monster has surpassed it’s one millionth player.

And it gets better… the Brown Bag team have signed up to develop a TV series. This is going to be epic!