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A year older. So what now?

A year older. So what now?

I’m inching ever closer to 30. In fact, as of today there are 364 days until I cross the threshold and say goodbye to twenty-ville.

I don’t have a Before-I-turn-30 bucket list (they exist!?), and while my 12-year-old self would be disappointed with where I’ve ended up at age 29, I don’t know how realistic my idea of owning a penthouse in Manhattan after inventing a teleportation box was. (There is still time, there is.)

Not a lot changes come July 2014 - but there is a looming pressure to do something. Achieve something. Write another book. Or create the multi-media franchise that I know the book/movie/gaming/entertainment market is sorely lacking. Launch a start-up development company. Buy a house. Something.

By his late twenties Rimbaud had done all of his living, Zuckerberg had launched Facebook, Heaney had written Death of a Naturalist, Watson discovered the structure of DNA … Google was found when Sergey and Larry were 25.

I have a generous and long-suffering partner and some of the funniest, most inexhaustible and supportive friends. I work for three progressive and creative companies doing what I love.

And there’s still a petulant 12 year old in the back of my mind crying out, more? MORE! There’s still time to buy that Manhattan penthouse and invent teleportation.

I have 364 days to do something great: suggestions on a postcard, or comment below, please.


Illustrated survival guide to Bologna Book Fair

As the Bologna madness begins to take hold and the everyone starts to think in terms of halls, stands and where the nearest ice cream place is… 

I’ve just come across a very awesome illustrated survival guide, created by Andrea Bozzo and the Mimaster team, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the book fair the survival guide. Check it out!! 

Jack The Giant Slayer

How else should you spend St Patrick’s Day than in the dark watching a preview screening of Jack the Giant Slayer?! 

It’s loud, fast and epic fun - Ewan McGregor’s quiff and accent alone make it worth seeing. Total hokum and it had me leaning forward and urging characters to run faster.  There’s a great use of 3D that give the giants-eye-view an interesting twist - not used too much it really made it look great.