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Erase me: Greg Bokor’s AR-15 drawing installation

Erase me: Greg Bokor’s AR-15 drawing installation

Greg Bokor wants you to undo his work.

In a statement installation Bokor has drawn an AR-15 and is inviting viewers to erase the massive drawing… and documenting it on a time lapse video.




Read some more over in Forbes - and check out the incredibly detailed work Bokor has created.

Games publisher Big Fish begin cuts – Cork office on notice to close

Games publisher Big Fish begin cuts - Cork office on notice to close

Game publisher Big Fish announced plans yesterday to close its Vancouver studio and let go 49 staff in Seattle as well as instigate a company-wide reshuffle.

The company also announced that they are looking at closing the Cork studio, having entered as a “30-day consultation with employees.” Big Fish have more than 80 staff in Cork, and announced plans last year to launch a research and development hub with IDA support.

The developer is now looking to streamline and focus on just four languages: English, French, German and Japanese.

The letter from Paul Thelen, CEO and Founder of Big Fish also announced senior management refocus - with managers reporting direct to Thelen for ‘greater focus’.

Read the full statement over at

Dublin Zine Fair 2013: The Exchange

Dublin Zine Fair 2013: The Exchange

This years Dublin Zine Fair was bigger, better and brighter - with some incredible new finds, and old, to be picked up, thumbed, ogled and collected.

Invited by the Esc team - thanks! - under the promise of great illustrators, interesting conversations and more… so much more. How about some highlights?

I picked up a copy of Vadge at the behest of a friend - and got engrossed in some of the smart and titillating articles. It’s a feminist popculture iconazine that has me hooked.


Nabbed a copy of Patrick Murphy‘s It’s Horrible Havin a Head - a complicated navel gaze into Murphy’s less-than-tender school years in Dublin. Well worth the familiar nostalgic trip!


One of the first people to stop and say hello was Amanda Spitzner - who was laden with her Exploding Comics Magazine, as well as some brilliant (and useful) felt plushies. ECM is quirky short strips with great snapshots of the ordinary, everyday geek-girl… trust me, you want to check out


Gareth Gowran and Sadhbh Lawlor’s Splitting Borders was another huge favourite - smart presentation and a brilliant, quiet humour. Go check out their daily updates.


There were so many more - including Sarah Cunningham‘s Maggie and Yuto and the brilliantly funny Sharkzine - I’ll link to a few if they appear. With the launch of Eddie Pie Hand’s Printing (an initiative to give free workshops and advice alongside at-cost printing for zines) the Irish zine scene isn’t going anywhere, and a huge congratulation to Sarah Bracken for bringing everyone together.

AND finally… saving the best till last, SET. It’s a stunning quarterly that explores the between cinema and architecture - it comes with sponsorship from Plus Print, the IFI and the Irish Architecture Foundation and is a gorgeous, refined zine of beauty.