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Rented … to the DEAD: Zombie Comic on Kickstarter

Rented … to the DEAD: Zombie Comic on Kickstarter

Want to feature in a Zombie comic book? Who wouldn’t?!

Now’s your chance  - the new Kickstarter project from Phil Buckenham and Simon Cope offers backers the chance to be a survivor, or a zombie, and a heap more goodies. The project is funded but there’s still a chance for you to feature.

Check out the Rented … to the DEAD video:

Nancy MacIntyre: 5 tips for successful kids apps

Nancy MacIntyre: 5 tips for successful kids apps

Nancy MacIntyre’s has a legacy of successful kids apps - and has some great notes over at

Not to break it down to an absolute minimum but Nancy has five highlights that add to the success:

1. Make Great Apps.

2. Get Apple on Board.

3. Reach Out to Parents.

4. Garner Awards.

5. Plan Regular Updates.

6. Build a Strong App Store Presence.

That’s really the bare bones - go read the piece at gamasutra for a lot more.

MacIntyre highlights the upcoming changes on both Google Play for kids education and on iTunes with their planned iOS 7 Kids Games stores as real potential markets for highlight and getting new apps and games found easier.


STOP! Go read The Book Stop

STOP! Go read The Book Stop

Have you met Jack? The Book Stop blog has become a favourite hideout over the last few months - with Jack’s insatiable diet of, well, EVERYTHING.

For starters check out his blog on Michael Grant’s Gone series… and the emotional ending that we all faced when reading: You are now free to leave the FAYZ.

When I read those words I almost got a bit emotional. I felt like I was a part of the Gone series. I was fighting alongside Sam and Caine, and trying to work out the FAYZ with Astrid, and working alongside Dahra and Lana to heal the injured. A truly brilliant set of characters and an epic story line.

If you haven’t already, get clicking and enjoy.