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In London? What is a boy to do?

In London? What is a boy to do?

What does a first week in London look like? THIS!

One EARLY flight on Sunday got me to Marylebone and the street fair… for lobster rolls, a fun fair, some pink gin and getting to see Nicola from Harpercollins.


10444532_10152536117546458_2036443492533460592_n 10262054_10152536119771458_1531901458735168079_n 10411765_10152536127851458_7768061172426277244_n 10417663_10152536128706458_7174358688276764887_n 10420248_10152536124241458_1187924378109169978_n

… followed VERY quickly by my first day at Scholastic:

Day one included mastering Barclay Bikes and realising that London is HUGE. Plus working at Scholastic… means Hunger Games swag!

TALL 10435101_10152540603051458_1400674723845223265_n 10482245_10152538711926458_6591664683787245946_n


What happened next was EPIC. I mean, seriously… EPIC. After a crazy day in the office I snuck into a secret screening of The Fault In Our Stars, in a private cinema beneath a fancy hotel, to meet some of the cast, as well as Dan and Phil.




10422241_10152541552946458_8061218124282764030_n 10397811_10152541553346458_971266935514104623_n  



Oh! And I did a little wandering on the way to the screening… and found this:

Wednesday started with some hipster coffee (it was a late night) and a lunch meeting at Byron in SoHo for some tasty, tasty burgers!

photo 2 photo 1

I found Mornington Crescent too (HUZZAH!), just not sure I could do it on my own… the Citimapper App has become my BEST friend.

photo 1

photo 2

And everyone in the Scholastic editorial team got busy:

photo 3

Thursday evening was my first Waterstones event (got to meet some awesome folks - including James Dawson, Kim Curran, Jim, Gemma, Belinda and MORE … but I have missed a name or three)



Friday started with a dino war in Scholastic towers… and now I’m on the hunt for desk dino of my own to be part of the team!

BqjzeVPCYAEamSm.jpg-large Bqj5QrWIAAAwF53

Bqj6IrsCMAAUmrB.jpg-large BqkCo-RIgAA7KvF

… then came the weekend. TIME TO EXPLORE!

Made it to the British Library for the Comics Unmasked (more on that later) and then onto Gosh Comics, stroll through Chinatown, Hamleys and generally messing about (including another trip to Byron for a burger before catching X-Men: Days of Future Past again… because it’s THAT good.)

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

photo 5 photo 2

photo 1 photo 3


Phew. Onto week two!

Avengers 2 #FirstPic

Avengers 2 #FirstPic

Wishing your first day of work looked like this?



Yeah. Me too.

Does gender matter? #Editorial

Does gender matter? #Editorial

Just catching up on Jonathan Emmett’s Times / Daily Mail pieces on what boys read - and the gender of editors being to blame. Emmett has been responding to messages on twitter, referring to research that is available on his site Cool not Cute - examining who is reviewing children’s books - and to a New Statesman piece on who buys books.

Literacy in boys/men is important but it’s not just boys who want cool stories - in any media. Emmett’s argument is caught up in a number of strands - I disagree with a lot of them - but I DO like the idea of male reader role models: